Various people have provided positive feedback to the XPages Extension Library as you can read below. Also Jim Quill from the XPages development team has created another video about the extension library. This one explains in detail the usage of the new dialog control that allows editing content within the dialog.

Erik Brooks:
"This is, flat-out, one of the most awesome things to happen for N/D development"
"I totally expected IBM to create the XPages Extensibility API. I did not expect them to contribute a library such as this. That just seemed very... Lotus."

Tim Tripcony:
"There are a plethora of reasons to be excited about this project, but most can be folded into two categories of awesome: 1. New controls for you to use and love [...] 2. Real-world examples to inspire your own extensions"

Declan Sciolla-Lynch:
"I've been looking at the new OpenNTF project XPages Extension Library and I've come to the conclusion that many of its features are going to make future XPages development a lot faster and easier"
"The amount of time it has saved is quite amazing."

Michael Gollmick:
"What I have seen so far has just blown me away and I am constantly getting new ideas of what's going to be possible with that. This stuff is awesome and beams XPages development into another dimension."

Ferry Kranenburg:
"I'm crying tears of happiness here!"

Here is Jim's video about the dialog control:

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